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Pininfarina Outdoor Cooking Experience

Pininfarina inspires creativity and enriches your well-being in a new bespoke collection that moves seamlessly into your luxury outdoor living experience. Pininfarina Essenza

Designing extraordinary experiences since 1930. Pininfarina


The clean lines, premium quality and exceptional performance of Pininfarina Essenza, for the luxury outdoor cooking experience.

Induction Hobs

The ultimate in cooking performance, perfectly aligned with stunning design.


Cosy comfort, quality and sophisticated style. to elevate your outdoor living.


Is the translation of Pininfarina’s vision for the outdoor living experience. A collection of appliances that delivers premium quality, reliability and precision, handcrafted in Italy.

Pininfarina’s timeless design brings a new philosophy of fluidity and grace to luxury outdoor cooking and living, to enhance that magical blend of private moments, gatherings and special events with family and friends.

For those who seek timeless beauty in every moment, every place, and every acquisition Pininfarina has crafted a line of iconic creations.

The expression of elegance and exclusiveness, that Pininfarina has incorporated into luxury cars, yachts and consumer products. A sophisticated world, imagined and built around your own sense of luxury and sophistication.

Pininfarina Essenza offers a new and timeless philosophy for the ultimate lifestyle in luxury outdoor cooking and living.

The beauty of the shape is the result of a deep engagement aimed to reach the highest quality and the design is itself the meeting point between shape and technology, taste and functionality.

Nothing seems to be more adapt to the so-called Italian genius than this permanent tension to harmonize beauty and functionality.

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