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New VICE Merch Just Dropped (Yeah, We Have Shirts Now)

Whether you've been reading VICE's weird and wild journalism since 1994 or recently subscribed to Waypoint, bite into this ~*~fresh~*~ merch.

Ever seen Almost Famous? Remember when Stillwater finally gets merch, and the band excitedly tears open the box with glee, exuberantly anticipating the three-dimensional manifestation of their great creative endeavor? That’s us right now over at VICE HQ (minus the drama about guitarist Russell Hammond being front and center on the T-shirt while the other members of the band are shrouded in blurry obscurity). We’re stoked, because the latest drop of VICE merch is here—and it’s fuego.

We’ve had merch before, but it sold out many, many moons ago, possibly during Obama’s second term, and we were due for a refresh. (You don’t want to see how many crumbs are in the bottom of this writer’s old canvas VICE tote bag from 2015.) Our VICELAND flip flops belong in a museum. It’s 2023, baby! So what’s on deck?

We’ve got a super fresh white tee honoring the year of our birth (1994), our zip code (Brooklyn, baby!), and even our phone number (is it real? call it and find out!). We’ve got MUNCHIES koozies and tees, if you’re the VICE reader whose party strategy is always to hit the charcuterie board first, then socialize later (same). We’ve got a classic dad hat, and for the gamers, a Waypoint hoodie with a cheat code on the back (for real).

The thing about merch is that the longer you have it, the cooler it gets—but you’ve got to strike when the iron is hot (aka, right when the drop hits) to get the best stuff. So if you don’t want to end up sweating and combing through eBay or Grailed, you’ve gotta add to cart while the good stuff is still around instead of holding out and, two years later, find yourself sheepishly asking someone at the record store where they copped that hat.

Head over to to scoop the latest VICE merch, and thanks for reading!

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