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iam8bit Announces Fortnite: Best of the Lobby Vinyl LP

The new album includes memorable tracks from the Fortnite Lobby, Emotes, and Season-ending moments

iam8bit today announced a new partnership with Epic Games to create a vinyl edition of Fortnite's exceptional lobby tracks, in a deal facilitated by IMG. Filled with popular earworms from Fortnite's early days, it includes songs that players may have heard while waiting to party up or while busting out dance moves. Pre-orders for the Fortnite: Best of the Lobby LP will begin on starting July 20.

Fortnite: Best of the Lobby packs 18 tracks on a single LP, pressed on Peely Yellow vinyl, featuring all-new original artwork from illustrator Jim Mahfood. It's a wild take on the massively popular game, highlighting iconic Outfits like Peely, Power Chord, Skull Trooper, The Brat, and Tomatohead. Ranging from cozy holiday tunes to spooky jams, the LP features, an array of classic Fortnite tunes from the game’s first two Chapters. Fortnite: Best of the Lobby also includes extended audio versions of popular Emotes that will have listeners bouncing like Billy.

"iam8bit has collaborated with Epic Games on everything from the Fortnite World Cup to experiential marketing for many Season launches and lots in-between,” said iam8bit's co-owners and co-creative directors Amanda White and Jon M. Gibson. “Music has been a massive part of Fortnite's history and we're thrilled to help reignite old memories through the power of these tracks. Just don't ask us to emote. We’re terrible dancers."

Fortnite: Best of the Lobby is priced at $31.99 and is scheduled to ship in October. Code for Bonus Virtual Item Included: Shuffly Shapes Wrap.

Here's the complete tracklist:


  1. Frosty Serenade

  2. Windmill Floss

  3. Eerie

  4. Switch Up

  5. Overdrive

  6. Wild

  7. Disco

  8. Get Funky

  9. Running Man

  10. Mecha Power (Instrumental)


  1. Solid Groove

  2. Billy Bounce

  3. War's Horizon

  4. Might

  5. Festive

  6. Mecha Power

  7. Afterburner

  8. Default Vibe

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