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Foundation returned for its second season in July.

Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) - an exiled mathematician - predicts an impending Dark Age throughout the Milk Way - which is set to last 30,000 - by using his grey matter.

Even though the Empire's fall is impending, the exile creates a plan that could see the ominous Dark Age only last a millennium. 

The second season, which returned in July, continues the story a 100 years after the first.

Religion has established itself as a key player in the Foundation, with a fierce queen wanting to bring the entire Empire to its knees.

But in a strange turn of events the identity of the Galactic Empire is soon unveiled, leaving many shocked.

The first season of Foundation only got 72 per cent from Rotten Tomatoes critics, however the second season really did come back with a bang - landing a 100 per cent rating from a whopping 26 reviews.

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