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Debuting the 23FW collection that blends street sensibility with timeless classic items

The street brand 'London Underground' is launching, offering a fresh reinterpretation of the heritage mood of London from an unexpected perspective.

As evident from its name, 'London Underground' draws inspiration from the world's first subway, London's iconic 'Underground.' With a history spanning 160 years, the Underground is not only a space connecting stations but also a symbolic place where the past and present intersect, intertwined with the daily lives and stories of countless Londoners.

'London Underground' is a street label that encapsulates the symbolism and values of the Underground. Based on the concept of 'Unexpected Heritage,' which reinterprets London's heritage from an unexpected viewpoint, it offers a sensuous and free styling guide that can be worn by anyone regardless of gender or age. Additionally, with a unique color palette and refined details, the brand plans to continuously create a new heritage of its own.

The debut 23FW collection of London Underground draws inspiration from the historic London Tube and the modern people who use it. Themed 'Life From A Tube: the passage,' the collection aims to connect the past and present of Londoners, acting as a conduit for diverse stories and conveying the message of connecting London intimately and flexibly in everyday life. The collection blends a street sensibility with wearable silhouettes, featuring a variety of colors and styles that are timeless. Leather details, vintage fonts, brushing, and washing techniques are employed to emphasize the heritage mood. Notably, the brand's signature color, 'Pale Green,' inspired by the vintage hues of the Underground's tiles, ticket booths, columns, and walls, showcases the brand's distinct and natural yet differentiated identity.

The 23FW collection includes signature items such as loose-fit short-sleeve shirts with prominent brand naming artwork, jacquard knits inspired by the opening of the Underground in 1863, and textured knit cardigans with a touch of hairiness that accentuates their silhouette. In addition to these, classic items like denim, coats, and jackets have been modernly reinterpreted in terms of silhouette and details. The collection also features a range of accessories such as graphic ball caps, beanies, bags, and mufflers to add vitality to styling. Through the campaign and lookbook, one can encounter a sense of style and a diverse color palette that transcends trends.

Starting from August 17th, London Underground will be available through its official online store, and in September, a pop-up store is planned in Seoul's Seongsu-dong. For more details, you can visit the official website ( and Instagram (

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