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A Free and Adventurous Style From the City to Nature from Boyner Stores Turkey

A new brand alert from Boyner: Jeep!

Only at Boyner in Turkey...

Home to Turkey's and the world's best-known brands, Boyner continues to offer a unique shopping experience with its newest brand selection. One of these new brands is 'Jeep', which attracts attention with its free and adventurous style. Reflecting a unique style in nature or in the city, Jeep offers functionality together with modern designs for women, men, and children. Available only at Boyner in Turkey, Jeep is a candidate to be the new companion of those who want to stand out with their contemporary style in the heart of nature or in the dynamism of the city!

Jeep, which has created a collection that will make those who prefer comfort in city life or who love to be in nature with their adventurous spirit feel happy, offers a simple look with its minimalist style. Innovative pieces with water repellent properties and 100 percent cotton, technical and flexible fabrics stand out in the Jeep collection, Boyner's private brand.

Topçuoğlu: “We share the excitement of bringing together two brands that adapt to the dynamic structure of the city but are also passionate about nature and active living.”

Referring to the meeting of the free style reflected by Jeep with the Boyner experience, Burak Topçuoğlu, Assistant General Manager of Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık Private Brands, said, “We are excited that Boyner's brand mix is growing every day. With a unique selection and exclusive brands in Turkey, we offer collections for every style, every condition, and every environment. The curiosity of being in nature and living life freely is an important part of the experience we offer. Our dynamic and always innovative approach and Jeep's passion for adventure and openness to innovation brought us together. We believe that this stylish and comfortable style, where nature and urban life meet, will bring a different sense of fashion to the lives of our customers together with Boyner.”.

A Free Attitude Accompanying Adventures!

Jeep, which we get used to seeing in both urban and rural settings, stands apart with designs that express its adventurous, free-spirited, and nature-loving attitude. The Jeep line features three distinct styles that focus on complementing hard weather circumstances and all excursions.

Field jackets and large t-shirts stand out in the men's collection, while technical materials and cotton cargo bottoms give comfort for individuals who enjoy being outside while in the city. The vest and raincoat combos, which feature spacious pockets that match the bottom groups, provide both comfort and functionality.

Bomber jackets and suits with shorts stand out in the women's collection with their cuts, which provide a comfortable style while walking or experiencing city dynamics on weekends. Overalls and joggers, on the other hand, are both stylish and comfortable. The Comfortable pieces that enable children freedom of mobility are also popular in the Jeep line. Striped dresses, Jeep-printed t-shirts, and parachute fabric skirts highlight children's fashion with their innovative stance.

Colors Reflecting a Young and Urban Spirit

The designs in the Jeep collection embrace the season with their texture and colors. Navy blue, blue, green, black, black, purple, beige, and white are among the most preferred colors in the collection. Reflecting the free and adventurous spirit of Jeep, these colors again reveal a freer and more comfortable style in the city.

In the collection designed for practical and functional use, the season's trendy navy blue and mustard colors combine with lines to create a dynamic look. Black and gray, the indispensable colors of fashion, offer a calm look away from chaos.

The Jeep collection, which reflects the appearance of Jeep in nature with fun prints and is ready to hit the road at any moment, awaits free-spirited adventure enthusiasts at Boyner stores,, the Boyner app, and Boyner Now.

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