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Monopoly is the world’s favourite family board game with a rich history spanning over 85 years. It has been played by more than 1B people in more than 144 countries around the globe. The digital Monopoly version has over 100M downloads. Whether fans place face to face, online or on mobile, Hasbro continues to innovate and deliver experiences to fit every lifestyle.

A game of Monopoly - like life - is a rollercoaster. We learn to win, and we learn to lose, and whether we come out on top or end up broke, we can always expect a memorable journey.

With over 300 licensed games and 98% global awareness, Monopoly is now stronger than ever. The brand is fan favourite for promotional campaigns and experiences. It is extremely popular in the live events category and location-based experiences all around the world. In recent years, Monopoly evolved into a lifestyle brand with collaborations in fashion, footwear and luxury experiences.

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