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The Chrysler Brand has always been about stylish and functional innovation. For nearly 100 years, from the Chrysler Airflow to the Chrysler 300 to introducing America to the minivan, the Chrysler Brand has been creating defining moments and always evolving to deliver ultimate family vehicles.

The Chrysler Brand is a design icon born in Detroit with nearly 100 years of logos, badges, color, and vehicle art. Chrysler invented the idea of the Minivan in the 1980s, creating an entirely new automobile segment that has changed the history of family transportation. The Chrysler Pacifica collection will encompass a range of cross-category functional and affordable products for young families. It is the only minivan in its class with the STOW ’N GO Seating and Storage system. The Chrysler 300 collection will look to the street and style for apparel and accessories. The Chrysler Brand’s rich heritage includes marques like Plymouth, AMC, Hudson and are represented through apparel, accessories, home décor and toys.

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