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SHINOLA began in 2011 as an idea to create a brand that not only celebrates the bygone era of American industry, but in doing so, plays a role in its resurgence.  Detroit, the once shining beacon of the glory of industry, turned symbol of financial hard times, became its backdrop with the company setting up an in-house wristwatch and leather factory on the fifth floor of the local and historic Argonaut Building. 

Although the brand began with watches, Shinola has from its start been an ethos, rather than a product-driven brand. With its mission to build quality products that last based on traditional American craftsmanship and design, it has managed to tap into a meaningful and relevant cultural nerve as  evidenced by its rapid and significant commercial success. 

The Shinola brand encapsulates urban renewal, community building, civic and national pride in a way that celebrates, with a modern take, a time and place where these things were similarly valued foundational principles. Today, Shinola produces watches, leather goods, bicycles, jewelry, stationary and even has its own hotel in downtown Detroit acting as a showcase of all of the brand’s values. 

With quality at its foundation, and an unwavering commitment to crafting products that are built to last, Shinola celebrates thoughtful design and the beauty of industry through everything that bears its name.

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