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World's Strongest Man

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THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN (WSM), established in 1977, is the world’s premier strongman competition.

With traditions rooted in ancient Olympic history, the WSM tests the limits of human strength, power and endurance, inspiring the world with legendary athletes and their extraordinary achievements as they compete for the title of World’s Strongest Man!

45 years ago, the question was asked... Who was the World’s Strongest Man? Since then, this championship has been the final word on who is the strongest of them all. With 25 athletes going head to head over 10 events, that will challenge the competitor’s strength, speed and mental fortitude. The final concludes with the top 10 athletes from around the world taking on some of the most notorious strength challenges like the world-famous Atlas stones, and ends with the crowning of the World’s Strongest Man.

Legendary events such as the Atlas Stones and the Keg Toss are just a few of the iconic events that enhance the brand. The World Strongest Man brand insignia is a show of awe-inspiring strength, elite power and sporting grandiose.

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