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The power and resonance of the Transformers universe has made it a global entertainment brand with millions of fans, a storied legacy, and a revered place in modern popular culture. The brand’s enduring connection with fans crosses borders and spans generations. In over three decades of storytelling, the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, the legends who lead them, and the unforgettable characters who comprise their ranks has come to life in movies, TV shows, comic books, and digital media. Mode-changing toys and exciting consumer products bring home the magic of Transformers robots and allow kids, collectors, and fans to choose their side and play out their own chapters in this epic, ongoing battle.

Through the evolution of its stories Transformers engages fans of all types by offering different avenues to enter and experience the brand and new ways to play. That includes animation geared toward the core Transformers kid, Generations content curated for more mature fans, and movies designed for a broad family audience. The evergreen content, characters, films, popular faction shields and the iconic logo all make up brand’s DNA and make the franchise a perfect fit for categories such as apparel, electronics, personal care, back to school, footwear or F&B.

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