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Stella Artois

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Born from 600 years of brewing tradition in the Belgian town of Leuven, the Stella Artois story and Belgian roots are proudly seen on every bottle of Stella Artois around the world. 1926 was the year a batch of Stella Artois was first brewed and launched as a Christmas gift to the people of Leuven. That special batch was the first to officially include "Stella" in its name . "Stella", meaning star in Latin, pays homage to this original occasion, accompanied by a star on every bottle.

Stella Artois is the UK’s largest alcohol brand by value (£539m) and the number one Premium lager by volume and value share . The Stella Artois tagline Joie de Bière is taken from the French phrase “joie de vivre”, meaning “the enjoyment of life”, which is what Stella Artois stands for as a brand. It celebrates the enjoyment of small pleasures in life, like a premium European lager, served in a chalice and shared with friends and small bites of food.

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