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Stearns & Foster

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When you think of Stearns and Foster, timeless, hand-crafted luxury and premium ingenuity all wrapped up in a perfect nights sleep come to mind. George Stearns and Seth Foster started Stearns and Foster in 1846 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They first started selling luxury hotels. In 1993 Stearns and Foster merged with America’s most-trusted mattress brand, Sealy. Since then, Stearns and Foster has always focused on quality workmanship. To this day, Each Stearns and Foster mattress is signed by the master craftsman that built it. In 2009 the iconic Stearns & Foster look was established. Luxury, hand-stitched mattresses that never sacrificed comfort for design became the cornerstone of the brand.

Has been recognized by its famous Fleur-de-lis symbol since its inception. This mark is on all of its mattresses. The brand signifies tailored craftmanship and old school manufacturing values where each mattress is made by hand and signed by the master craftsman that produced the product. This is what makes Stearns & Foster superior to all mattresses in it’s and class and DNA which continues in our licensed products.

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