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San Diego Comic Con

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Comic-Con International, is the iconic brand and annual event celebrating all things comics and related aspects of popular culture.

Almost 50 years ago, when first founded, the Comic-Con founders simply wanted to draw attention and recognition to the comics they loved. In doing so, they discovered a shared interest in this and related Sci-Fi and fantasy content wider than they could have possibly imagined. While originally focused primarily on comic books, Comic-Con has since come to encompass and celebrate related art and fantasy content, as well as anime, in all its formats with an ever-increasing menu of forums, screenings, exhibits and workshops at the San Diego Convention Center, where some 130,000 people attend its annual convention.

Through this annual convention, it's clear that Comic-Con has become a powerful consumer brand. Today, that comic culture is mainstream entertainment culture thanks in large part to Comic-Con’s championing of this art form and its brilliant creators, and Comic-Con is the leading curator brand and guide in this space, allowing it to secure consumer attention and deliver consumer value in more ways.

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