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Ricky Zoom

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Ricky Zoom is the original all-bike show for pre-schoolers; it's a new two-wheeled world that Ricky and our audience can explore together as they zoom into every adventure!

Ricky Zoom is a rescue bike who loves to go fast, he’s the confident leader of the Bike Buddies who love nothing more to cut the brakes and enter the race! Ricky is also a little rescue bike learning to stand on his own two wheels and he often learns that it takes teamwork, patience, and determination to become a real rescue bike!

Built for speed and teaching friendship and teamwork, little red rescue motorbike Ricky Zoom, along with its bike buddies inspire products and collaborations around adventures, sports tracks and transport. From outdoor toys, rescue tools, arts & crafts to school related initiatives and zooming into events and activations centred around all sorts of adventures, Ricky Zoom can offer it all.

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