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Piñata Smashlings

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Piñata Smashlings™ is Toikido's first internally developed IP and set to become one of the most exciting children's brands, with the launch of a Roblox game, a range of toys, including collectables, action figures, plush and playsets, an official collectors guide and magazine and an animated series to bring the Pinataverse to life.

Welcome to the Piñataverse, home to wise Piñatas, scheming Meañatas, bitter Bashlings and LOTS of adorable, cheeky Smashlings. Discover the magnificent flying Rainbow Whale as it soars above the skies, showering every corner of the land with Rainbow Pods. Explore the world, from the magical Rainbow River to the dark and dingy Swamplands and uncover the dastardly ways Meañatas turn Smashlings into Bashlings.

Distinctive features are the brand's logo and the Piñata Smashlings themselves. As the heart of the brand, these energetic little creatures are fun loving, positive, cheeky and full of party spirit. There are hundreds to collect and each character is unique with its own personality.

Consumer products will focus on the characters' fun, playful and humorous personalities while also incorporating the shapes, colours and features included within the online Roblox game.

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