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Mayweather Boxing & Fitness

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Mayweather Fitness delivers an experience that increases your fitness levels while building strength and confidence.

Inspired by the legendary training methods of the most successful and accomplished boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather Fitness delivers an experience that will increase your fitness levels while building your strength and confidence. Rooted in Floyd’s values of exercise and self improvement, Mayweather Fitness is a high energy, fun and inclusive boxing and training regimen giving you the tools needed to have an impactful health experience and become a champion in all areas of your life and wellness.

Mayweather Fitness is rapidly expanding with 200+ physical gyms planned across the world, supported by best-in-class health and wellness products, fitness content and app, along with location based experiences.

Floyd founded Mayweather Fitness to give consumers a glimpse into his iconic workout routines, adapting fitness programs for the general consumer to be able to actively participate and benefit from. Floyd’s dedication and commitment to excellence are the basis for everything Mayweather Fitness does.

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