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Li Na is a Chinese retired professional tennis player. In 2011, Li Na experienced her first major breakthrough with a remarkable win at the French Open. She became the first Chinese national, male or female, ever to win a tennis Grand Slam title in singles, ensuring her place in sport's history. In 2014, Li Na won the Grand Slam win at the Australian Open. She is the first Asian Australian Open champion and fourth woman to win the title after being match point down. In 2019, Li Na was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, becoming the first Asian-born player to receive the honor.

Highest Ranking: World No.2  Two-Time Grand Slam Champion.

Li Na's feats sparked a major growth of tennis players in Asia, earning her the reputation as the region's tennis pioneer and trailblazer. After retirement, Li Na's has been continuously involved in a diversity of activities including TV reality shows, movie, autobiography, charitable and public benefit activities. As a role model, she is deeply admired and loved by her fans and supporters. The LI NA brand is built upon her attributes including thoughtfulness and determination. The brand’s key elements include her name mark, signature and the primary logo consisting of her name and a heart shape around the hands that are a unique gesture used by her supporters.

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