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Established in 2007 in Los Angeles, opened it’s first exclusive store in Harajuku Tokyo in 2020, under the creative direction of Tokyo- and Los Angeles-based design teams, Joyrich delivers a unique international perspective that unites the casual vibes of LA with the rich, forward-thinking energy of Tokyo street fashion.

Each Joyrich collection is crafted with a “retro-future” flair – a culmination of styles inspired by art, music, and icons from pop culture. Retro graphics on effortlessly cool silhouettes have become a Joyrich trademark, garnering the attention of artists, musicians, and tastemakers worldwide.

JOYRICH's iconic symbol: Rich Bear, Red Rose and Gold Chain, reflect the attitude and style of JOY+RICH, skillfully and boldly show JOY, richness and luxury to fill the fashion matching life of the trend group. JOYRICH is committed to advocating rich, leisurely, luxurious new lifestyle. Adhering to the concept of the brand, the diversity of product series and originality, so that the brand has become a trend in the steady forward brand.

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