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Eartha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt, born on a cotton plantation in North Carolina, of Black, White and Cherokee descent, at a time when mixed race children were shunned. Eartha’s rise to international fame as a singer, actress, dancer, comedian, civil rights and anti-war activist, and author began when Orson Welles called her “the most exciting woman in the world” and cast her as Helen of Troy in his staging of “Dr. Faustus.” Broke her first racial barrier as the first black Cat woman in the late 1960’s original Batman TV series. Widely known for her distinctive voice, recording top hits such as “C’estSi Bon” and the Christmas perennial, “Santa Baby.” Shewas the top-selling artist on RCA Records before Elvis Presley.In 1968, EARTHA was blacklisted after she protested the high death rate of young Black men in the Vietnam War to LBJ at the White House, setting off a media firestorm. Celebrated for "speaking truth to power” and vilified as a radical for declaring that “Black Lives Matter”, she emerged as an impassioned civil rights activist who worked on behalf of both Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

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