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As established automakers, John and Horace Dodge had the vision of creating high-quality cars that were tough and durable. These attributes were applied to the first Dodge vehicles that rolled off the Main Hamtramck assembly line back 1914.

Since then, the Dodge brand has not only continued to cement its position as THE American “Muscle Car,” but in doing so has also propelled itself further into the zeitgeist. From Dom’s car in the hugely popular Fast and the Furious to buzzy collaborations with well-known streetwear artists, Dodge has become a true cultural icon.

The Dodge brand already lives in the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere, having built its reputation over the course of a century. Its storied history, commitment to innovation and rugged individualism are hallmarks of the brand, inspiring car enthusiasts to get out there and drive. That same spirit lives on through the licensing program.

Heritage, Power, Style, Performance, Speed and Attitude comprise the main attributes of the Dodge brand. These attributes should be maintained across all brand extensions. Iconic logos, vehicle badges, brand colors like Plum Crazy are staples for Dodge licensed products and can be found on Apparel, Accessories, Garage and Mancave Gear, Toys, Digital Gaming and Health & Beauty.

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