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For over 50 years, Claire's has been the go-to destination for young girls seeking their first fashion and beauty experiences. Known for its ear-piercing services the world over, Claire's is a brand that, depending on one's age, evokes the excitement of "first-time" journey as well as the warm memories of an earlier rite of passage. As such, the brand enjoys a uniquely strong brand affinity with girls, tweens, teens, and even moms who experienced their first ear piercing and, or first fashion purchase at Claire’s.

With 95% brand awareness, 20.5 million loyalty members, nearly 3,000 branded stores and a growing entertainment and social media presence, Claire’s appeal to the newest generation of young women - today’s coveted Gen Alpha and Gen Z consumer, or “Gen Zalpha", is stronger than ever.

With its trendsetting assortment of fashion products and accessories, Claire’s not only inspires style exploration and play but projects a brand ethos that celebrates self-expression, individuality, and healthy female empowerment, encouraging each consumer to find "the most vibrant version of themselves".

Claire’s is the trusted safe space brand and destination for young girls to begin their life-long journey of self-expression, fashion, friendship and fun. Through strategic licensing the brand can now bring it's confidence-building beauty, socializing and decorative solutions to a wider assortment of products, places and social occasions relevant to the passions, imagination and priorities of young girls everywhere.

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