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Been Trill

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Been Trill combines two of the most powerful words in the urban lexicon. ‘Been’ represents the status of being on top of something long before anyone else. ‘Trill’ is the merger of ‘true’ and ‘real’, a defining reference to early Hip Hop culture. Trademarked globally, the words and distinctive logo (##) form the basis of this unique but current brand, emphasising the need to stand out from the crowd.

Through experimental sound, innovation and technology, Been Trill has positioned itself at the centre of modern culture, an eclectic fusion of the hi-brow of Paris with the lo-brow of Canal Street.

Been Trill was re-introduced in China Korean market in 2018 and 2020, by kicking off the Been Trill branded mono shops at top shopping malls and department stores. It is targeted to young college students who love music and sports. By hiring a variety of Korean and Chinese talents and celebrities, Been Trill is now recognized by young consumers who follow the skateboard and snowboard culture in the market. There are about 50 shops and 16 shops in China and Korea respectively.

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