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Alfa Romeo

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Founded in Milan in 1910 with its first model – the 24 HP – motor racing sits at the center of the Alfa Romeo brand story.

Winner of the first two ever Formula 1 Championships, together with victories at iconic events such as the 24 Hour Le Mans and Italy’s “Mille Miglia”, Alfa Romeo has a unique sporting soul that carries over into the design and performance of every model.

“Giulia”, “Spider”, “Quadrifoglio” among others, are the names that will make the heart of any true car enthusiast beat with passion and emotion, because Alfa Romeo is the ultimate expression of Made in Italy flair and performance perfectly fused and applied to automobiles.

Alfa Romeo today is a unique blend of technology and sensation, mechanical performance and passion, a marriage of the rational and emotional which puts the driver’s feelings at the heart of the driving experience.

The launch of the Tonale compact SUV in February 2022 marks the Brand’s metamorphosis. While remaining true to its DNA of noble Italian sportsmanship, with Tonale a radical evolution is taking place at Alfa Romeo, which is looking ahead to a new era of connectivity and e-mobility.

The ALFA ROMEO brand has the power of myth in the imagination of car lovers worldwide, thanks to its origins and its legendary history. Its logo is made by the cross and the snake as original and fundamental marks of the brand’s Milanese roots, surrounded by the ring which symbolizes perfection.

While the QUADRIFOGLIO (four leaf clover), has been Alfa Romeo’s good-luck charm in racing since 1923. The Quadrifoglio today is the distinguishing mark used only on the most well performing and sporty versions of production cars of the brand.

The Alfa Romeo brand symbolises Italian style & design, racing heart, sporty elegance and performance.

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