Say Ciao To LEGO's New Fiat 500 Creator Expert Set

Fiat 500 Logo

LEGO have officially revealed the Fiat 500 as the next car in the long-running Creator Expert series.

The 960-piece mini model is based on the 1960s icon, Fiat 500F Legend, and features a number of moving parts, including a functioning sunroof, an opening bonnet and a luggage-adorned boot with a spare wheel inside. A folding easel, an artist’s palette and painting of the car outside the Colosseum in Rome are also included - nodding to Fiat’s home country, Italy. It will be priced at £74.99 in the UK and $89.99 in the USA.

To celebrate the launch of the new modelling kit, LEGO have also created a life-size replica of the car made from 189,032 Lego bricks and weighing 400kg – only around 100kg lighter than the real original. The 1:1 scale model of the famous Fiat 500 was unveiled in Fiat’s home city of Turin before heading out on a tour of Lego stores to promote the new set.

Pierre Normandin, Lego designer, said "The Fiat 500 is a global automotive icon – having first launched in 1957 and still a timeless classic. To see it celebrated in the beautiful city of Turin with this incredible new Creator Expert set and such an epic life-size build is testament to how beloved this car is."

Life Size Fiat Lego