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It all started in 1889 in Sealy, Texas when Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder started Sealy by making cotton filled mattresses for friends. In the 1950’s Posturepedic Technology was born. This technology delivered deep, targeted support right where you need it. Today, Sealy goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure mattresses will last for many years. All of Sealy’s mattresses are proudly built in the USA and rigorously tested beyond standard testing.

Since 1881 millions of consumers have experienced exceptional comfort, support, and durability that has become the cornerstone of the brand. Sealy is #1 most trusted Mattress brand in America. Sealy provides Quality you need for the sleep you deserve. Sealy developed Posturepedic technology that provides targeted support. Sealy is also developing sustainable products. Sealy Naturals is a growing brand made with organic cotton, 100% natural latex hemp fibers and ethically sourced wood blend. Sealy is a global brand, but proud of keeping manufacturing in the USA under rigorous testing that go beyond industry standards.

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