The evolution of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has seen a small operation in Akron, Ohio, USA grow into one of the most iconic global brands.  Goodyear today is one of the world's largest tire companies, employing 67,000 people and manufacturing its products in 50 facilities in 22 coutries. With Goodyear known for their innovation, reliability and performance, it’s no surprise that it has been making a mark in other product categories since 1901.

Goodyear’s high-profile presence in the automotive industry and strong heritage appeal make it a great brand to add value to both technical and lifestyle products.

The Goodyear technical range is part of a wider collection of licensed products built on 115+ years of Goodyear’s dedication to uncompromising standards and performance. These include a range of high quality car accessories, tools, work wear, industrial equipment and mobility items.

Goodyear’s culture of dynamism, development and innovation endures today and finds expression in premium Lifestyle Collections for discerning consumers. These include an extensive range of quality footwear, clothing and lifestyle accessories, offering unparalleled comfort coupled with arresting contemporary design and style.

Goodyear tire rubber, bearing the Goodyear logo on the sole, gives Goodyear shoes the grip, traction and reliability to perform in all conditions. From Casual and Fashion Vintage Collections that channel the brand’s unique back-story and American roots, to Outdoor and Sport Collections inspired by the core Goodyear brand attributes of technical innovation, durability and weatherproof performance.

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