Ohtori Ran

Ms. Ran Ohtori was born in 1946 and joined the Takarazuka Revue, a renowned Japanese all-female musical theatre troupe based in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan in 1962.  In just 2 years she had made the first stage for a male character or Otokoyaku.


She quickly became the theater’s top star in 1970.  Before she ceded the spotlight in 1979 she had participated in many musicals, making hers the second-longest career as the top star in the theater’s history. Her Otokoyaku greatly influenced the development of the Takarazuka musical revue, cementing her status as a legendary top star.  Many of the Takarazuka junior members follow the career template set by Ran Ohtori.


After retiring from the Takarazuka as a top star, Ran Ohtori became a musical actress and she still acts in prestigious musicals and dinner shows all year round. In 2008, Ran Ohtori established a revue school in Ebisu, Tokyo, called Ran Ohtori Revue Academy for both genders specializing in song and dance.


Her much anticipated brand “Ohtori Ran” launches in April 2013.


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Ohtori Ran Ohtori Ran Ohtori Ran Ohtori Ran