Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is the official bat of Major League Baseball. Ever since it was founded some 120 years ago, Louisville Slugger has sold more than 100,000,000 bats, making it without question the most popular bat brand in baseball history. Louisville Slugger continues to dominate the game in both wood and aluminium bat categories with over 60% of Major League Baseball players using Louisville Slugger bats. Over the past, more than 8,500 professional baseball players have been under contract with Louisville Slugger.

In recent years, Louisville Slugger has gone far beyond bats, providing performance technology in the form of fielding and batting gloves, helmets, catchers' gear, equipment bags, training aids and accessories. In addition to its on-field performance products, Louisville Slugger offers personalized, miniature, commemorative and collectible bats

Hillerich and Bradsby, the parent company, opened the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory and the new headquarters in downtown Louisville, Kentucky in 1996. The museum draws more than 225,000 visitors a year and July 2010 saw a record breaking 48,424 guests.

Official Website: www.slugger.com

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